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Entering the @hQQueen of the Capital@hQ contest will be a very fun and fulfilling experience. Please complete the following application form if you would like to enter the pageant.

Personal Background @ Vital Statistics


  • Prior to entering any of our pageant events, it is important to read and fully familiarize yourself with our Code of Conduct, as this is taken very seriously within our organization.
  • As our Royalty, the wearing your crown, sash, and anything that bears our name and trademarks, you are the first image the public sees, and the first impression people will receive as you represent your pageant titles.
  • Each contestant is required to acknowledge the rules, guidelines, policies and code of conduct at the time they enter any of our pageant events. At the point of check in, our contestants must also sign acknowledgment and agreement.
  • Contestants are expected to familiarize themselves with the event schedule, and are required to attend all of the activities on the event schedule. Such activities will include where applicable on the event schedule/s), orientation, contract signing, awards banquets, crowning shoots, studio and location shoots when scheduled and provided on the weekend of the pageant.
  • At no time may anyone representing a title within our organization recruit, cast, or imply that our organization endorses any event outside our organization without our prior knowledge and consent.
  • All contestants, parents, guardians and guests of contestants, staff, vendors, and participants at our events are expected to conduct themselves in a manner expected of an elegant pageant event. Treating all attendees at our events with the utmost respect is a requirement, not a request. Bullying, gossiping, cursing, airing any grievances publicly, destruction of property, theft, threats of any kind, and anything that brings negative attention our organization is strictly prohibited. Any contestant and/or family member or guest showing unacceptable behaviour will lead to the disqualification of the contestant. No refund will be given under these circumstances.
  • Our events are held in non smoking facilities, Smoking is only allowed in designated areas as allowed by the venues outside our events.
  • Drugs, alcohol and intoxication are prohibited.
  • Contestants must not have a criminal record or have anything in their background that could bring the contest or its sponsors into disrepute. Contestants must not at any time have been involved in any illegal activities or use of drugs of any nature. Contestants must not have taken part in any topless/nude photo shoots.
  • Displaying your title on social media or any other approved media is an acknowledgment by you that you represent the  organizations and for which you hold title; and therefore, you are expected at all times throughout your reign to behave according to the organization’s code of conduct that you hold title hold title for. Public displays of bullying, gossiping, cursing, airing any grievances publicly, destruction of property, theft, threats of any kind, and anything that brings negative attention our organization is strictly prohibited. Note all behavioural displays on social media are considered to be public displays.
  • Entrant must be and will continue to be a person of good moral character and that she has not committed and will not commit any act that will bring her or the competition into disrepute and will at all times maintain high morals and the highest of standards.
  • All contestants will agree to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times.
  • Contestants must refrain from disruptive behaviour or slandering contestants, judges, sponsors, staff and affiliates of the “Queen of the capital” competition. Involvement in any of the above will result in immediate disqualification and offending contestant’s titles will be removed as well as competition prizes withdrawn.
  • Any contestant found to be using social media sites and forums to publicly post slanderous remarks will also be immediately disqualified. Good  sportsmanship is expected at all times. Disruptive behaviour before, during, or after the pageant may result in disqualification, removal from the premises, and legal charges.
  • By participating in the “Queen of the capital” contest, the contestant agrees for the organisers to use her name, photographs and information for purposes of publicity and promotion both now and in the future and will include use on the internet, in all media advertising, press releases etc.